Top 9 Trends for Las Vegas Web Design in 2017

Top 9 Trends for Las Vegas Web Design in 2017

The city that never sleeps is currently stepping into a new era, one of unprecedented prosperity and business boom, so it’s no wonder that the Las Vegas web design trends are setting the tone for the entire nation. If you already own a Las Vegas business or if you’re just thinking about starting up here (and you should!), check out these 9 web design trends that will mark 2017:

1. Las Vegas Web Design Makes Content Shine

With more than 100 casinos just in the city (without counting the outskirts and neighboring towns), there’s no wonder Las Vegas web designers are poised to find the competitive edge for their clients. And, in the era of inbound marketing, there’s no better way to do that than to emphasize calls-to-action and make the point of difference shine. This doesn’t mean that this year’s web design is dull and unappealing; quite the opposite. 2017 is the year when web designers get to flash out their aesthetic sense and artistry in minimalistic touches.

2. 2017 Brings more Emphasis on Color

Pantone declared Greenery the color of 2017. Now, Las Vegas is the city of casinos, and we all know that the favorite colors of casinos are red and black. How does Greenery fit into this age-old color scheme? Well, don’t panic: the Pantone guide gives room to play. Plus, the entrepreneurial boom of Las Vegas is not just about casinos. Restaurants, tourism, and countless small businesses appear every day here. Even gamblers have to eat and sleep somewhere, right? Thus, it’s safe to argue that the city’s web design can shine in multiple areas.

3. A Synergetic Approach to Las Vegas Web Design Takes Over

Just imagine this scenario: you want to extend your business from offline to online. Your website should look and function amazingly! Really, it has all the right colors and menus and you could stare at it for hours. But it loads poorly, the back-end is bug-ridden and, oh, the horror, you can’t see all the products online because 404; plus online payments aren’t secure. Who wants this website? No one! So, in 2017 web designers will work closely with developers and marketers to offer an experience that’s user-friendly from beginning to end. Finally, UX, UI and software development come together in the holy trinity we’ve all been waiting for!

4. Las Vegas Web Design Goes Modern Retro

…and it was about time. In a city filled with Elvises and 50s cabaret shows in casinos and restaurants, why shouldn’t web design support the main attractions? Pixel art and vintage typography are combined with modern web design techniques to capture the unique Las Vegas atmosphere online.

5. Cinemagraphs Bring You a Taste of Las Vegas from the First Click

Whether it’s a GIF or a video, cinemagraphs will shine in 2017. They are a very powerful way to give your visitors a feel of what your casino/hotel/restaurant is like before they even step foot in it. However, if you are fond of this technique, make sure to choose the right Las Vegas web designers to implement it: a cinemagraph can easily be as “heavy” as 3MB, so you may want to consider streaming. Only a seasoned Las Vegas web designer can come up with the solution that makes your cinemagraph shine without killing your loading times.

6. You’ll See a Lot More Scalable Vector Graphics

As the name states, SVGs are not pixel-based or raster. They are vectors, which implied they are also resolution-independent. Thus, they’ll look awesome on any screen type and size. Better yet, they don’t even need HTTP requests, so it’s no wonder that Las Vegas designers fell in love with them – with such a diverse crowd surfing local websites, you have to find ways to accommodate everyone.

7. Mobile-Responsive is The Norm in Las Vegas Web Design

Ever since Google announce penalizing websites that aren’t mobile responsive, you can no longer afford to consider responsiveness a “nice-to-have” feature. If you still want to be a web designer in Las Vegas, that is. People use their mobile devices anywhere, so you have to be able to provide them with the best UX on any device!

8. Las Vegas Businesses Search for Uniqueness

…and Las Vegas web designers have to deliver it. Their imagination has to go beyond classical layouts and come up with things that make every website shine in a unique way: overlapping typography over graphical elements and randomizing text blocks and images are just two ways of making this happen.

9. Las Vegas Web Design Will Focus on Conversion

No colors will be chosen randomly and no text will be placed without careful planning. High-converting websites will be on everyone’s mind, from the business owners themselves to marketers, designers and developers. Thus, web designers need to come up with coherent UX that carefully guides visitors through their journey and helps them convert into paying customers.

In order to stand out among the thousands of businesses in the city that never sleeps you need to have a nicely designed and optimized website that is fully responsive on all devices.

Posted on January 23, 2017 in Design, Web Design, Website

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